Online vs Local - The Criteria for the Selection of a Web and App Company

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Online vs Local - The Criteria for the Selection of a Web and App Company

The advent of technical presence of small businesses at present is 54% Email, 51% website and 48% social media. Consumers are now taking their decisions on the basis of these platforms. According to a survey from Research firm Clutch, 46% small businesses in US still do not have a website. Experts suggest to have a strong presence on digital platforms in order to stay alive in the competitive industry.  

If you are a new entity to the market then mark your presence valuable for the customers. A professional outlook to your business will interpret a lasting impression on consumer’s memory. When you arrive at the stage of having digital presence, keep in mind a few factors:  

  1. Strategize the mediums where your potential customers are present.  
  2. Look for the activities of your competitors. 
  3. Think rationally while choosing a developer and designer for your web and app. 

Below are the decision-making factors to help you in selecting the right web and App Company for your business: 

1. Cost Effective Web and App Development

It definitely costs cheaper as compared to hiring a local agency or to own a programmer. You have to build a setup for a local agency, purchase the systems and space. Hiring a whole team of developers include the cost of employment, purchasing equipment and office renting. Which is eventually not useful for you after the completion of project. The average cost per hire IS $4,129 according to Human Capital Benchmarking Report. This is the extra cost that you can mitigate when hiring a Professional online Web and App Company. 

responsive web

2. Meet the Deadlines

If you look to hire a local agency you will spend a lot of your time in recruiting. After recruiting, the business will also be responsible to provide a working space. If you work with an online web and app company instead, you’ll be saving on this easily.  

According to the reports, the average time it takes to hire a new employee is 42 days, Human Capital benchmarking report.  If you are getting urgent projects and doesn’t have in house expertise for that project, there is a probability that you will lose the project.

meet deadlines

3. Follow a Systematic Process

An online professional web and app company follows a standard development and designing process from Creating Design to Going Live.  Not only this, it will be communicated to you on every stage as well.  You can also build a custom process based on your requirement which will add efficiency to the design process.

maintain process flow

4. Get the Responsive Website Design:

High quality Applications are the priority of the professional web and app developers. It is important for your business to have a highly responsive website design. Your customers can access your website from any device. It should be user friendly so they do not have to wait long for loading it. 77% of Adults own a smartphone which drives 505 % of Ecommerce revenue from Mobile Apps.responsive website

5. 24/7 Support Availability

Your Website and App is live but not necessarily free with the errors and bugs. You might be reported with some issues from your customers later for the irresponsiveness of the website.  Any issue occurring has to be resolved immediately to avoid any loss for your business. Whereas if a local agency is working for you they will not be offer the service for 24/7.

86% of consumers will pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience. You will end up in a greater loss this way. Why not choose an agency that retains your customer with a full time service.


Share your experience of working with an Online or a Local Web and App Development Company.

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